Theistic Spellcraft: Getting the Gods to Help

Instructor:  Laura Perry
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About the Course

Theistic Spellcraft: Getting the Gods to Help

There are many different ways to approach spellcraft, depending on your needs, preferences, and background. Many of us have spiritual practices that include gods, goddesses, nature spirits, and other aspects of the divine. Have you ever considering calling on any of these beings in your spells? Their energy can add an extra dimension and focus to your magic and can help empower it as well. Plus, working with deities in your magic can strengthen your connection with them in the rest of your spiritual life.

In this course, Laura Perry, author of Ancient Spellcraft, takes you on a journey into the magic of theistic spellwork. In this course you'll learn a step-by-step method to create a spell for almost any purpose, calling on a deity who can help you reach that goal. With Laura's guidance, you'll use this method to:

  • define your spell's clear purpose and intent
  • decide which god or goddess to call on and how to do it
  • determine the practical aspects and "ingredients" for your spell
  • design the method and timing of the spell
  • actually cast your custom-designed spell

By the time you finish this course, you will have designed your very own custom spell from start to finish and cast it. Plus, you'll have a framework and a method you can use from now on to custom-build as many spells as you like, with almost any purpose and focus. You'll have the tools to make your own magic whenever you want or need to. And in the process, you'll deepen your connection with the divine.


Laura Perry
Laura Perry
Laura Perry is a Pagan artist and author who has long been fascinated by ancient cultures and worldwide spiritual traditions. She is a third-degree Wiccan priestess and the facilitator for the growing tradition of Modern Minoan Paganism. In addition to magical pursuits, she enjoys gardening and doing living history demonstrations ...